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January 2024 accessory work:
Pull up!

Our PowerMonkey accessory work is paying off to all of our surprise! LOL! Great work!

Sore Knees?

$5 Yoga
for members and GLHS faculty/staff!

Roll and Rock Routine

2-5 min

Do a few slow air squats.

Next, grab a roller and work above the knee first - staying off of the kneecap - and roll up and down, one leg at a time in a slow controlled motion for about 30-40 seconds. 

Next, rock back and forth slowly for the same amount of time. 

Repeat for the inner and outer leg just above the knee. 

Switch to other leg. Repeat. 

Finish with 10 slow air squats, and see if that doesn't feel better!

Frenchie Yoga.jpg
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