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If you want to know the importance of stretching, watch your dog get off the couch. What's the first thing he does? Stttttrrrreeeettttccchhhh. Every. Time. We do yoga/mobility/foam roller work to keep limber, tend to sore muscles, and relax either in the studio or up on the roof garden when the warm weather allows!

Oh, and we brunch afterwards (with clean eating

and prosecco:)


We have an amazing gym and awesome programming for our weekday crew. Rig, weights, barbells, pull-up bars, kettlebells, ab mats, rings, TRX, benches, boxes, ropes, bands, balance boards, rower, assault bike, spin bike, rollers, handstand station, peg board, Crossover Symmetry shoulders and hips, and more!


What do you like to do? Metcon workouts? Bike? Run? Row? Jump rope? Stairs? With the dog? Without? We do bring our dogs to the gym, by the way, so you may get slobbered on or...worse. Our convenient location above SW Michigan's premier bicycle store - Mike's Team Active Bikes - creates opportunities for cardio shopping excursions when your training regimen calls for it!


How to feed the beast is one of the most important elements of a successful health journey. Among us are vegetarians, paleos, ketos, intermittent fasters, and others. There are many ways to eat healthily, but there are certain agreed-upon elements in our community that are shared by all. In this community we eat clean. 


Vince Lombardi


Mon -   4 & 5pm            Workout of the Day

Tuesday, Open Gym Sessions on APP

Wed -   4 & 5pm            Workout of the Day

Thur -  Open Gym Sessions on APP

Fri  -    4 & 5pm            Workout of the Day

Sat  -   8:30                    Partner Workout of                                        the Day

           10:30am              (Overflow session                                           for Partner WOD)


Getting good sleep, 

getting out in nature, 

and finding joy

are all part of 

the dog's life

we aspire to.

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